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Click here to listen to streaming recordings of recent Oneness Project DUP events.

CDs are available at ONEness Project events and soon online at


Best Of Wilderness Dance Camp
Vol. 3

Devotional music drawing on sacred phrases and mantras from spiritual traditions around the world, recorded live at Wilderness Dance Camp.
12 tracks including Jai Durga, Gate Gate, Te Te Malkutakh, Kyrie Eleison, and Take Me As I Am.

Soaring into the Unknown

Sacred songs and Dances of remembrance recorded live at Wilderness Dance Camp 2006. Seven tracks including the Unfolding Zikr, Estaferallah, Bismillah Round, and Hu Allah.


River of Guidance: An Interview with
Pir Shabda Kahn
In this wide-ranging interview, Pir Shabda Kahn, Spiritual Director of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, chronicles with depth and heart his immersion into a multifaceted life, reflections on his teachers, and the essence of the spiritual journey, including musical excerpts as performer, zikr leader, and teacher.

Best Of Wilderness Dance Camp
Vol. 2
Full-length live recordings led by regulars and guest leaders. Great musicians and quality. 11 tracks including: Melodic Ram Nam, Goddess Cycle, Heart Sutra, Panis Angelicus and more.

Best Of Wilderness Dance Camp

Vol. 1
(1999 – 2003)
Experience these ecstatic and sublime full-length live recordings led by regulars and guest leaders. Superlative musicianship, recording quality. 11 favorites including: Those Who Love, Gayatri, House Of Prayer, B’reshith.  78 min CD

Come Back My Friend
Devotional Music of Longing and Remembrance
Recorded live at Wilderness Dance Camps, 2000-2003, the ecstatic NOW is conveyed in this music. The unity of voices, instruments and hearts offers an invitation to enter sacred space. Perfect for personal devotion and meditation.

Crossing the Veil
A live recorded Zikr blessed with beauty and power, experienced by a Circle of Friends at the All Hallows Retreat on Whidbey Island, WA in October, 1999.  Multi-textured voices accompanied by evocative string instruments and drums. Come along on this timeless journey.  Highly recommended for its excellent recording quality and devotional attunement.

Friends of the Friend

(re-released with new cover art)
Unveil your heart to the Friend.  Sacred zikr songs and dances of remembrance, longing & celebration.  Directly from the Heart of Allah thru the souls and bodies of a multitude of Brothers and Sisters . . recorded live and unrehearsed at the ONEness XIII retreat in Lava Hot Springs, ID.